The building process

Building a house can be a somewhat overwhelming process, especially if this is your first time. At Sealine Homes we strive to make the construction of your new custom home as smooth and as stress free as it possibly can be.

Flexibility, transparency and clear communication is incorporated into every step of your building project. We want you to enjoy the build process as much as we do and we will go above and beyond to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

When you contact Sealine Homes about your project, we will take you through the following process:

1. Initial meeting and brief
After making contact with Sealine Homes, we will make a time to meet with you and discuss the ideas you have for your new home. We will take the time to really listen to what you imagine your new home to be and the elements and styles you would like to incorporate.

If you have already selected a block of land, we will inspect the site and discuss your ideas and the opportunities available to you. We will also provide you with feedback and information on your block of land. This will include important information such as:

• The solar aspect of the block
• The best orientation for your home
• Local planning requirements
• Building restrictions that will possibly impact on the design of your home.

If you haven’t found a block of land yet, we can give you advice on what to look for when searching for a block of land in Batemans Bay.

During this initial meeting, we will run through your building plans. If you have plans already drawn up for your new home by an architect, we will go through them with you and provide our expert advice and feedback on the best way to construct your home and the materials to use.

If your plans are still in your head and not down on paper, we can help you navigate the design process and work with you to create the best design and layout for your home.

To help you through this process, we will discuss similar projects we have been involved in that are relevant to your build.

To get an idea of our work, you can view some of our past projects here.

The all-important budget will also be discussed during our initial meeting. We will talk through your budget expectations and provide you with a rough guide on how much your new home will cost based on the information provided.

During our initial meeting, we encourage you to ask us lots of questions and raise any concerns you have about building your own home. This is the first step in getting to know each other and we look forward to learning about your dream home and how we can best serve you to make your dream home a reality.

2. Preliminary planning and design phase
When entering the preliminary planning and design phase you are introduced to Sealine Homes commitment to high standards. We have an open-door policy at Sealine Homes and place a high importance on communication with our clients. As we kick off your new project, you will experience this for yourself.

During the planning and design phase we talk in detail about your plans, your homes orientation, your homes internal layout and the materials you would like to incorporate into your home. A quality result all comes down to prior planning and detailed preparation. We dive deep into all aspects of your custom home to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Solar orientation, energy efficiency, passive design and sustainable products will also be discussed during this phase. We want your home to not only look great but to operate as efficiently as possible to reduce your household running costs and to lighten your homes environmental footprint.

We take an innovative approach to custom builds. Combining old school craftsmanship with modern materials and technology, we can create a home that is both beautiful and eco-friendly.

During this phase, we develop your concept drawings, run through your design elements and provide you with an estimate of costs associated with your build.

This process can actually be quite intensive and detailed but don’t worry, we will oversee each and every step and will work alongside you the entire way to ensure you are fully involved in your custom home build.

3. Pre-construction Phase
The pre-construction phase is where the wheels finally start to turn on the construction of your new home. We take all our prior planning and preparation and start gathering all the additional information and details to prepare for your new home build.

During the pre-construction phase, we will finalise your building plans and send them out to be assessed by engineers, approved by the local council and to lock in all final quotes and costings.

While we wait for your plans to be finalised and approved, we will work on the timeline of your project and work with you to finalise your colour and design choices.

4. Construction Phase
The construction phase is where all the prior planning and preparation finally comes to fruition and your new custom home begins to take shape.

The construction phase, just like the preliminary and pre-construction phase, incorporates many stages and we guarantee to keep you informed and up to date with the progress of your new home at all times.

During the construction phase your new home build will be broken down into the following stages:

• Footings / slab / sub-frame
• Frame
• Lockup
• Fit off
• Practical completion

As you see your home being constructed from the ground up we maintain open communication with you to ensure that what you see being constructed is meeting your expectations.

We understand that sometimes what you see in front of you may not be what you imagined it to be, or now that you’re seeing your home come to life you may want to make some tweaks and changes to the layout, design or materials. This is no problem at all. We offer complete flexibility and are more than happy to accommodate any alterations to the build whenever and where ever we can.

5. Handing over the keys
The final phase! Hand over of your keys. After construction is complete and all the final fittings and finishing touches have been applied, we meet you on site to walk you through your beautiful new home and officially hand the keys over to you.

During handover, we will also talk through with you any insurance information and warranties on your fixtures, fitting and appliances along with our construction guarantee that ensures your home gives you pleasure for many years to come.

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